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Motor No. 1

The following is the story of the replication of Motor No. 1. The text and photo captions were prepared by Karl Schaeffer who re-created the first of the Rio Grande Southern Geese. The photo below shows Karl next to Motor 1 at Telluride in front of the RGS depot on June 12, 2010. This is an example of what the Ridgway Railroad Museum is doing to accomplish its mission.

The Replication of Motor No. 1
This page contains all the original pictures of RGS Motor (Goose) #1 that I have been able to find. This was the prototype for the RGS Galloping Geese. It was the first and was built in Ridgway in 1931 in a successful effort to keep the US Mail contract and satisfy the Common Carrier Obligation to provide passenger service without having to run expensive steam passenger trains. Since I was working toward recreating this Goose, I needed all the detail possible. Please help me with any photos, drawings, etc. you are aware of. Progress photos are at the bottom of this page. For a longer article on the rebuilding of Motor one click here. In 2007, John Billings of Ridgway Colorado constructed a new hood for motor #1.

Karl Schaeffer

Original RGS Drawing, Courtesy of the Colorado Railroad Museum

Motor No. 1 as built

Motor No. 1 as built

Motor No. 1 as built

Motor No. 1 at the Ridgway Depot

A later configuration. Note steel wheels, flanger, plow and cargo box. Where is this location? Shirley Dennison Collection

The Replica

On the 69th anniversary of the original outshopping on 6/1/31, Motor No 1 LIVES AGAIN.

On 6/11/00 we moved No. 1 to Ridgway. This is the first time in 47 years that Ridgway has had a Galloping Goose. It was welcomed to town with a police and fire department escort!!

On 7/22-23 2000 we ran No.1 at the CRRM in Golden for 50 miles.

Motor #1 ran with Motor #5 and the Eureka and Palisades #4 at Silverton for Railfest 2000. A trouble free run!! - 8/23/00

In the fall of 2001 Motor #1 also ran at Railfest in Durango and on The Cumbress and Toltec Railroad.

In the intervening years Motor No. 1 has run on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad as well as the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.

In 2009 Motor No. 1 joined four other geese for a Mother's Day Goosefest at the Colordo Railroad Museum (see photo below).

The Buick as Karl found it in a Montana field

The frame is stripped

On 6/11/00 we moved No. 1 to Ridgway

Motor No. 1 in the Durango yard

Motor No. 1 underway in Silverton

Motor No. 1 in Silverton, Railfest 2000

Railfest 2000 on the Durango & Silverton

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