RGS Goose 4 Comes to Ridgway for Restoration

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The Ridgway Railroad Museum has a signed formal agreement with the Telluride Volunteer Fire Dept (TVFD) to restore Galloping Goose No. 4 to operating condition. The TVFD deserves a big thank you for keeping No. 4 in condition such that it is still possible to do this restoration after 55 years.

No. 4 is the only Goose that has not been restored or otherwise modified. It is therefore the best information we have about what the Geese were like in 1951 when the RGS shut down operation.

When we are finished in the summer of 2012, the plan is for it to return to Telluride. We will do the work and the TVFD will pay for the materials. The move to Ridgway occured in May of 2008. The first phases was to research for photos from summer of 1950 for our prototype, document existing condition with photos and drawings, determine parts that will have to be acquired and materials that will be replaced (all the wood), and carefully begin disassembly of the rear box.

The Galloping Goose Historical Society of Dolores has shared all of their expertise obtained in their restoration of Goose No. 5. They have been very helpful in providing information on what and how they did their work.

As of the fall of 2010 we have complately rebuilt the frieght/passenger box using the same construction techniques as used in the original. The engine and transmission have been removed from Goose No. 4 and are currently beingi rebuilt in Telluride. The power truck and the trailing truck have been completely refurbished and reinstalled. The original Denver Tramway seats have been re-canned and restored.

Our next step will be to restore the Wayne bus body. This will take place in the Summer of 2011. We hope many of you will get on board and help with this project.


1) May 15, 2008 in Telluride. We oiled all sixteen axles and then pulled the goose back about one foot and all 16 axels turned!

2) The following series of photos show the loading process in Telluride on May 29, 2008

3) Goose #4 pauses on Dallas Divide for the first time in 56 years.

4) Arrival in Ridgway.

5) Wayne body separated from back and center truck removed.

6) Bolster removed from center truck.

7) Removal of rear truck.

8) Removal of the interior siding begins

9) Removal of the outside metal sheeting

10) Siding removal continues. The box will be completely rebuilt and then the siding reapplied.

11) The superstructure of the freight box has been removed and next the floor was removed.

12) The deck construction is shown in this photo. The base is made up of second-hand auto chassis U-channels filled with wood. Note the bow in each channel. The wood was shaped not with a band saw BUT WITH AN ADZE. The adze marks can be clearly seen. Next came 1 x 12s run at a 45 degree angle to the U-channels and finally tongue and groove flooring running perpendicular to the u-channels. There were also 2 x 4s between the ends of each U-channel and a 2 x 4s were bolted to the bottom ends of the U-channels

13) The freight box has now been completely cut down to the base and the base primed. We will continue the project next spring with the rebuilding of the freight box.

14) Construction of the new freight box began on Saturday May 23, 2009. The wooden inserts are in the U-channels and work begins on the wooden frame. Don Kellogg, Tom Hillhouse, Keith Koch and Michael O'Connell.

15) The frame is complete and the first piece of sub-flooring is attached (5/23/09). Michael O'Connell, Don Kellogg, Tom Hillhouse, Karl Schaeffer and Keith Koch,

16) The sub-flooring is completed and addition of the flooring is well underway (5/23/09). Keith Koch, Don Kellogg, Tom Hillhouse and Don Paulson.

17) Flooring completed and wall construction begins (6/3/09) Bill Pratt, Myron Matz, Michael O'Connnell and Tom Hillhouse

18) Two walls are up (6/05/09). Tom HillHouse, Michael O'Connell and Stuart Harrah

19) Three walls are up (6/05/09). Tom Hillhouse, Michael O'Connell and Stuart Harrah

20) Work continues on the motor (6/03/09). During work week all the pistons were removed and the transmission was successfully shifted through all gears. Don Kellogg and John Weiss.

21) 7/14/09. The four walls are up and the original tin siding is being reattached to the walls. Karl Schaeffer

22) 7/21/09. The roof beams are now in place. Keith Koch and Karl Schaeffer,

23) 7/28/09 Roof Slats are now up and the original sheet metal siding is back on. Don Kellogg

24) August 11. Interior roof complete and metal roof added.

25) August 18. Metal seams sealed with additional metal sheeting. Stuart Harrah and DanTurner

26) October 1. Karl Schaeffer and Don Kellogg add the awning over the windows. The freight box exterior is now completed and sealed for the winter.

27) March 9, 2010. Goose #4 awaits spring 2010 restoration work.

28) May 19, 2010. The engine is removed for rebuilding in Telluride.

29) May 27, 2010 (l) and June 28, 2010 (r). The original interior wood is being reattached. The red or brown wood is original siding that has been reattached and the white primed wood is replacement pieces.

30) August 16th (L to R): Keith Koch and Stuart Harrah installing the goose stove insulation; Karl Schaeffer, Tom Hillhouse and Don Kellogg installing one of the drive axles. The reinstalled Goose water tank used by the Motormen to refill the Goose radiator.


31) September 15th (L to R):Sandblasting the Wayne bus body; Michael O'Connell painting the sand blasted Wayne bus body

32) September 28th (L to R): Front Truck removed for repair; Don Kellogg and Karl Schaeffer prepare to re-attach the power truck

33) September 28th: Rod Bunyard (L) and Chris Weiser (R) work on removal of the non-powered freight box truck.

34) October 5, 2010: (L) Chris Weiser and Don Kellogg disassemble the front truck. (R) Tom Caldwell removes the masking from the Goose bus body.

35) Oct 5, 2010: Goose No. 4, with its refurbished power and rear trucks reinstalled and freshly painted, is ready for a winter's slumber until spring 2011 when we will resume the restoration.

36) October 19, 2010: Chris Weiser has just finished painting the seat pedestals, a tedious job that required sanding, priming and repainting.

37) May 3, 2011. The rebuilt front truck is reattached to Goose 4.

38) May 14, 2011. Chris Weiser, Bob Meyer and Karl Schaeffer reinstalling the motor after rebuilding.

39) June 14, 2011. Dan Turner works on the stove base.

40) June 14, 2011. Michael McConnel (L) works on the brake rigging while Bob Meyer (R) puzzles over the clutch mechanism.

41) June 28, 2011. New radiator being admired by Karl Schaeffer (L) and Bob Meyer (R).

42) July 11, 2011. The rebulit concession stand takes shape.

43) July 26, 2011. Street car seats and Montgomery Ward coal stove reinstalled in the freight box.

44) August 9, 2011. The re-caned seat backs were installed in the freight box (left photo below) as well as the completed concession stand. Chris Weiser's new bell was also installed (right photo bvelow).

45) August 16, 2011. Bob Meyer's newly built dash board and the first attempt in 58 years at starting the motor on Goose No. 4

46) August 29, 20011. Goose No 4 makes about ten round trips of 100 feet in each direction. Bob Meyer, Chris Weiser, Don Paulson, Tom Hillhouse, Don Kellogg, Jim Pettengill and Karl Schaeffer (All members of the Goose 4 restoration team) took turns running the goose. Unfortunately, numerous other members of the team were not able to be there. Click here to see several videos of these runs: The photo below shows Karl Schaeffer as Motorman.

47) September 3, 2011. The restored front headlights and rear stoplights were installed.

48) September 13, 2011. The front end was painted, the lights connected, the interior control panel painted and the snack stand installed in the box. The third photo shows Greeley, CO resident Tom Caldwell hard at work painting the pilot.

49) May 26, 2012. Karl Schaeffer, Tom Hillhouse, Bob Meyer, Jim Pettengill and Don Kellogg applied some of the new lettering to Goose No 4. Wow is all I can say!

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