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Modeler's Page

Museum members can now submit photos of their modeling efforts for display on this page. The photos must be submitted via email in jpeg or tiff format to ridgwayrailroadmuseum@ouraynet.com. Each modeler is limited to two photos. All photos are the property of the modelers listed below and may not be reproduced without written permission of the modeler.

1) Jim Kottkamp's Ridgway Grande Scenic (RGS) is still under construction. This photo was taken on the indoor section of the layout. The photo is of an Accucraft K-27 on his scratchbuilt 39 1/2 inch long (65 scale feet) tunrtable in the heart of Ridgway. The scale is 1:20.3. The turntable was built from plans of the Alamosa turntable.

2) Keith Koch has modeled in a number of scales. The left photo is a 1/24 scale model of the RGS Plow Flanger 2 while the right photo shows his Nn3 diorama of Red Mountain Town. This diorama is now located in the Ouray County Museum.

3) John Weiss does his modeling on his friend Eddie Carroll's layout which appeared on page 82 of the May/June 2010 Gazette. John took the photos below.

4) John and Mike McKenzie model the RGS in Sn3. You may have seen their portable layout at a National Narrow Gauge Convention. The photos here are Vance Junction on the left and the West Durango yard on the right. They are Business Members: http://mckenziebrotherstimberco.com/

5) Craig Brantley has a freelanced D&RGW / RGS model railroad in O scale. Visit Craig's railroad web site: http://www.drgw-sd.com.

6) Don Paulson models in HO/HOn3 with a 40' x 30' layout loosely based on the RGS/D&RGW. The left photo shows the Ophir tram house and station while the right hand photo shows a night shot of the Salida station. You can visit Don's railroad web site at http://www.ouraynet.com/denverandsouthwestern/

7) Craig Symington models in HOn3. His photo below shows Vance Junction. You can visit Craig's railroad web site at http://www.riograndesouthern.com/

8) Scott McLeod models the Rio Grande Southern in HOn3. Scott lives in St. Paul, MN

9) Norm Delucchi models the RGS in Sn3. Here are two photos of his model of the Pro Patria Mill in Rico

10) Ken Neufeld models the RGS in Sn3. Below are shown photos of No 40 and No 41 at Vance Junction and Motor No 4 at Dallas Divide.

11) Craig Raymond models the RGS in Sn3. The photos below show Ophir in 1939 with full S-scale bridge 45-A and Vanadium with full S-scale Vanadium Mill.

12) Mark Evans models the RGS in Sn3. The first photo shows the current progress on the yard looking from the wye towards the depot. The engine terminal will be located just beyond the depot in the corner. The yard is 35 feet long. Mark has recreated many of the RGS outfit cars in S scale. The second photo shows a scratchbuilt model of RGS plow-flanger 02.

13) Tom Caldwell models in Sn3 and plans to build a layout based on the Colorado Narrow gauge. The false front building is a Wild West Scale Model builders kit, the ore bin is an Anvil Mountain Models kit and thefreight wagon is a Grizzly Mountain Engineering kit.

All original materials, text, and images Copyright 2012 by the Ridgway Railroad Museum. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of any materials, text and images without the express written permission of the Ridgway Railroad Museum is strictly prohibited.

All rights to materials, text, and images attributed to other sources are reserved to those sources. Unauthorized use or reproduction of any these materials, text and images without the express written permission of the owners is strictly prohibited.